Zanko Paani Inhabitants In Desperate Need of Consumable Water


Residents of Zanko Paani Community close to Siriyiri in the Wa West District, have engaged the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) to help explain the water emergency in the community.

They said they at present retreat to lake water for homegrown purposes, for example, cooking and drinking as the main borehole in the community had additionally separated.

Madam Iddrisu Marriama an occupant of the Zanko Paani people group told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in a meeting that they know about the wellbeing hazard related with drinking from the lake however they had no choice.

She said the number of inhabitants in the community overweighed the single borehole there, which made it effectively separate because of the extreme tension on the office.

“You have come to see our concern, our borehole separates regularly, so we bring water from this lake… we are offering this lake to creatures. “I have been having stomach torments. I know this is a direct result of the water yet there is no other viable option for me,” she said.

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Mr Iddrisu Daluo, another inhabitant said they have been contributing pretty much consistently to fix the borehole, which had welcomed superfluous monetary tension on the individuals.

As per him, they required about GH?600.00 to fix the borehole to empower them to draw water from it.

Mr Daluo, in any case, noticed that they were thinking that its hard to assemble the assets to do with the support chips away at the borehole.

The occupants, along these lines, engaged the administration, the GWCL, the Community Water and Sanitation Agency, (CWSA) and kindhearted Non-legislative Organizations to go to their guide by giving them a wellspring of consumable water.

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Then, Mr Osman Adams, the Assembly Member for Guo Electoral Area, told the GNA that he had composed letters to the GWCL and a NGO fortress uphold however had not had any certain reaction.

Mr Adams conceded that the single borehole for the network was woefully insufficient, saying, they need around two boreholes to help meet the water issues of the individuals. “The people group is quickly developing since it is near Wa.

Many individuals are coming to settle here and we have to expand our luxuries to fulfill the developing need”, he included.