Yvonne Nelson Goes ‘Gaga’ On Politicians – The Politician Doesn’t Care About You

Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian actress and producerYvonne Nelson went hard on some Ghanaian politicians who only think about themselves and their selfish gains rather than the masses who made them.

Yvonne Nelson has jabbed her country’s politicians who do not care about the lives of their citizens for their own selfish gains.

Following the mass gathering being encountered at most EC registration centres, Yvonne cautioned Ghanaians never to be bothered about registering.

According to her, citizens of Ghana should use their brains and know that their leaders are just manipulating them in the wrong way.

She added that endangering one’s life just for a voter’s card is needless because after all, the general elections won’t add any value to anyone’s life.

She tweeted:

“Politician: stay home, stay safe ~ people: ok ~ Politician: go out and register ~ people: ok ME: the politician doesnt care about you, use your common sense, this election wont change anything in your life, joining crowded queues endangers your life.”

Her post to many hits the nail right at its head.

See The Screenshot Below:

Yvonne Nelson