‘My Father Is My Everything’-Young Woman Shares Romantic Photos With Her Father

A young woman has sent social media users into shock after sharing photos of her and her father in an awkward pose.

Taking pictures with your father and showing paternal love to your child is no news, but these pictures caught the attention of social media users.

The middle-aged lady identified on Instagram as @i.am.bobtrata was seen affectionately holding her father, exchanging erotic glances, and even kissing him in images she shared on her page.

Apparently, she and her father have a thing going on, and they thought it wise to come out of the shadows to let the world know.

She captioned the photographs, “You will not understand the kind of relationship I have with my father.“

She has also indicated in her Instagram biography that her father is her world and everything, making people wonder where her mother is.

The daughter used her Instagram account to describe her deep bond with her father, but later deleted the images after receiving outrage from her friends and social media.

A debate has since ensued online, with many saying there is nothing bad happening between the two since we didn’t see them n*ked.

Others too say a picture speaks a thousand words, and what they have seen is enough to prove that the father and daughter are active in bed.

Check out the photos below;

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Screenshot 20211103 163914 Chrome

Screenshot 20211103 163910 Chrome