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You Are A Girl Parasite If You Tell Your Boyfriend To Take You Out On His Birthday – Reno Omokri Fires At Ladies

Nigerian author, Reno Omokri, has once again fires at ladies who still depend on their guys to take them out on his birthday when is the same guy who spoiled her on her birthday.

Currently, relationship has become a burden for a lot of guys due to the demanding of ladies. Most guys try their best to let their girlfriends have a good time on their birthdays, but it’s somehow not the same case when it’s the guy’s own is due.

Well, Reno Omokri took to his Instagram page to address those ladies as parasites.

He wrote; “Dear girl friend,

On your birthday, your boyfriend threw a lavish party for you. On his own birthday, you ask him to take you out. If you visit him, you ask for transport fare. If he visits you, you expect a romantic present. Valentine is coming. You expect a gift. If a gift does not come, you will cause a rift, and sift him out for a new man. You have no plans to give him a gift. Your body is not a gift. It should be reserved for only your husband. You are no girlfriend. You are a girl parasite!”

See the post below;

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