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Yawa Video; Lecturer Embarrasses Lady For Using Airpods To Cheat In An Exam


A young lady had the worse day at the examination hall after her lecturer caught her using airports to cheat in an examination hall.

Apparently, the lady had the airport connected to her phone and hid it under her hair while writing the examination.

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She was caught communicating with someone outside the examination hall on the phone who was probably reading answers to her.

Luck was not on her side as the lecturer who was invigilating the examination caught her and embarrassed her in from of the other students.

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In the video available to Fillabase.com, the lecturer could be heard asking her to remove the AirPods and the connected phone.

She obliged and removed and handed it to the invigilator but he eventually asked her to exit the exam hall immediately.

Globally, examination malpractice is one thing most educational institutions frown upon and as such this lady is likely to face punishment for her actions.

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Watch the video below…