Xandy Kamel’s Estranged Husband Fails To Show Up To Work Today

Rumors that the estranged husband of Xandy Kamel has been suspended from Angel TV have been proven right.

Despite defiantly jumping on social media this morning to debunk the reports, Kaninja failed to show up at work today.

The sports show he hosts on Angel Fm has been taken over by one of Ghana’s finest sports journalists, Saddick Adams aka Sports Obama.

On Thursday, fillabase.com reported that both Xandy Kamel and her cheating husband, Kaninja, had been suspended by Angel TV.

A furious Dr. Kwaku Oteng, tired of the disgrace their marital saga has brought upon his company, sacked them both to go home.

They have been suspended until further notice.

After rumors went rife of his sacking, Kaninja has been trying to debunk the claims.

He has been throwing shade at Dr. Kwaku Oteng and at the same time denying being sacked.

He posted a photo this morning from the set of the sports show he hosts, implying he’s gone to work and rumors of his sacking were all not true.

However, he failed to turn up at work per our monitoring of Angel TV we carried out this morning.

His show is now hosted by the famous Sports Obama, which does not bode well for the return of Kaninja to his job.

Even if his suspension is lifted quite soon, he might not get his job back because Sports Obama is definitely a better journalist than he is.

Despite bragging this morning that he’s not sacked, we have confirmed that Kaninja is no longer at work and is currently home.

Only time will tell if he would ever get his job back.