Xandy Kamel And Kaninja Both Reportedly Suspended

According to reports circulating on social media, Xandy Kamel and her estranged husband Kaninja have been driven out of Angel TV.

According to reports, the two now risk losing their jobs even as they deal with their marital problems.

Report reaching Fillabase. Com indicates that Xandy and Kaninja have been suspended from their jobs.

That means fans of the two media personalities wouldn’t be seeing them on the screen on their regular shows.

This comes after Xandy Kamel stormed social media to wash their dirty linen publicly. Xandy Kamel disclosed in a video that her husband is cheating on her and has relocated to live with his ex-girlfriend Annabel.

Subsequent reports that hit online revealed that Xandy Kamel’s husband, Kaninja is a chronic cheat, and he has allegedly slept with multiple women including a married woman.

The reports have gone on and on to the extent that it has affected Xandy Kamel mentally.

A few days ago, a report surfaced that Xandy Kamel has been asked to seek psychological help because she is mentally unstable.

Also, the report added that her case with Kaninja is now in the hand of the police, DOVVSU.

Xandy has also taken a time off social media but her unbothered partner, Kaninja keeps dropping videos to make fun of the whole situation!