Worldwide Cook Day Festivities

chef day

Yesterday which was 20 October was an  International Chefs Day. This is a day put aside to commend the honorable calling and occasion to move information to the more youthful age. The World Chefs along with its nearby alliance, Professional Chefs, have throughout the long term commended this day with a responsibility of moving their insight and culinary aptitudes to more youthful age with feeling of pride. This year, the festival under the topic, “Sound FOOD FOR THE FUTURE”, will see gourmet specialists enabling youth in their communities with the abilities to make solid food, while making work openings.
Myjann Hospitality and Culinary School will commend the day with school going understudies in Adenta Municipality. The association will take school kids through great dietary patterns, essential solid cooking, readiness of flapjack, treats and ‘Sobolo’ drink creation. Myjann will likewise take the risk to show to kids powerful hand washing practice as a reaction to tending to COVID-19 in Ghana.
Upbeat International Chefs Day to all culinary specialists in Ghana and the world.

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Long live Chefs Association of Ghana (CAG)

Long live MHCS

Long live Ghana.

Long Live Chefs, Ayekooooooooooooooooooooo!