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Woman Gives Birth To Her First Child At Age 50 And People Jubilate With Her

A woman just delivered a bouncing baby after waiting on God for 50 years.

A video sighted by shows that a woman has successfully given birth to her first child after sooo many years of marriage.

In the video, the woman and her husband were welcomed with a party as they celebrate the birth of the newest member of their family.

Her friends and family members were also present to rejoice with the pair because the Lord had been merciful to them by answering their prayers for the past 25 years.

Both the woman and her husband cry tears of joy in the heartbreaking video that is quickly gaining popularity on the internet because it’s clear that they have given up hope of raising a biological child.

There is no doubt that God is still in his miracle business and he has given this couple a living testimony to prove that he is God.

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