Wife Of Will Smith, Jada Pinkett concedes intimate relationship with August Alsina.

Wife Of Will Smith, Jada Pinkett concedes intimate relationship with August Alsina.

Red Table host, Jada Pinkett-Smith, has uncovered she had an illicit relationship with artist, August Alsina while her union with American entertainer, Will Smith had issues.

The host of Red Table Talk have made the disclosure while tending to Alsina’s case of a connection between them.

August during an Interview had uncovered that he had a relationship with Jada while she was as yet hitched to Will.

He likewise guaranteed that her better half, Will Smith, gave him the consent to date his significant other.

In any case, the meeting had produced a great deal of contention and the team chose to fix things during her Red Table show.

Both Will and Jada conceded that she and August had a affair 4 and a half years prior yet asserted they had split up at that point and didn’t think they’ll reunite.

The couple additionally denied August Alsina’s case that Will Smith allowed him to date Jada, including that Will couldn’t have given consent since he was not with Jada at that point.

As per Jada, her relationship with August started because of the worry about his wellbeing.

She additionally said that in spite of her relationship with August, their marriage was still as solid as could be.

She stated, “ l met August around four and a half years ago, and we later became very good friends.

It all started with him just needing some help with his health and mental state.

The relationship later turned into a different type of entanglement.

However, the only person that had the right to give permission to the relationship in that particular circumstance was myself but I feel what August was trying to communicate was different because he didn’t want people to think he was a home wrecker.

“I just wanted to feel good, because it has been long since I felt so good and It also felt nice helping somebody to heal.

She additionally said she took in a great deal about herself for that time of her life and it was similarly strange that her relationship with August was coming up now when it occurred “long time ago.


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