Who Is Next To Die On Our Bad Roads From Road Accident


Incidence of road accident is on an increase in Ghana. Several lives and properties have been lost through road accident.

The government of Ghana has lost much funds accruing to problems of road accidents. It is now no news in Ghana to hear that individuals have lost their lives in a road accident.

Over speeding, overtaking, reckless driving, ignorance on the part of some drivers in obeying road signs all account to the increased cases of road accident in Ghana.

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Road accidents cannot be talked of in Ghana without mentioning bad roads as been a principal cause. There are lots of port holes on majority of our roads. Road Constructors fail to use authentic material in constructing a long lasting road. All these contribute to the increased rate of road accidents in the country.

Kwame Idan, Adom live worship presenter made a report on a road accident that happened early in the morning today. The accident occurred at the Ayaa Market in Accra. Vehicles involved include; a Pickup, V8, Nissan Rogue, Hyundai and a taxi. A motor rider who was involved in the accident lost his life shortly after been rescued.

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Effective action must be taken by the government and the Ministry for road and transport to put an end to all these problems of road accidents.