When You Catch Your Husband Cheating, Show Him More Love – Counselor D.Y. Donkor

Counselor D.Y. Donkor has advised wives to express more love to their husbands when they cheat on them.

He said men know what they’ve done is wrong but when you sack them, you push them away from your life.

So if you should catch your husband cheating, that is the time for you to show more love.

It is so obvious one will be mad, angry and hurt if they should catch their husbands cheating and would want to show that by displaying their anger and treating them well.

But according to Counselor DY Donkor, that is the time the wife would have to show more love to the husband, which will confuse the man because that is probably not the reaction he is expecting after being caught cheating.

This make the husband feel very guilty and calm him which will not make him go and do it again but if the wife reacts with a fight, it will definitely not end well.



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