We Will Not Let Ghana Down-EC Tells Ghanaians


Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Mrs. Jean Mensa has guaranteed of the Commission’s preparation to convey free, reasonable, and serene decisions in December, saying, “We won’t let you down.”
“We vow that we will behave in truth, with respectability and arrange free, reasonable, sound, straightforward and quiet races on December 07, 2020,” she said. The EC Chairperson said this when she declared the rundown of official applicants who had met the prerequisites to challenge the December 07, 2020, General Election.
“We won’t let you down. On your part, we charge you to maintain and safeguard the great name of Ghana and her foundations. By God.”

Mrs. Mensa approached every single ideological group and partners who had veritable worries to counsel the Commission, saying “whenever we are educated about the shortcomings and holes in the process delineated, we will find a way to address and close all the holes and report same to the general population in a straightforward, open and responsible way”.

“Up to that point, we implore the cynics to stop their assault of attempting to dishonor an intensive and dependable discretionary cycle and a Commission, which has been open and straightforward in the entirety of its dealings. She said if, to no end by any means, the current Commission had opened up the entirety of its cycles to general society and eliminated the shrouds of mystery that covered its exercises and activities.
“We have exposed our cycles for all to see. Today, the quantity of people who enlisted by region, locale just as sex and age, is known to any intrigued resident. It is not, at this point a mystery,” Mrs. Mensa expressed.
She said difficulties experienced during the show practice were examined transparently by the Commission, fathomed in an ideal way and detailed immediately. The EC Boss noticed that voting public, for example, Ashaiman, which had a few holes in information, had every one of their issues settled.

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“Our entryways stay open. We guarantee our partners that we are responsive to helpful input and exhortation. Without a doubt the criticism and guidance from benevolent Ghanaians have enhanced our work and empowered us to serve you better.” Mrs Mensa wished all the applicants good luck in their offer to climb the high office of the Presidency.
“We ask all of you to take part in a nice mission – a mission dependent on approaches and projects that will prompt the improvement of our general public,” she said. As refs, our job is to orchestrate and arrange a systematic, reasonable, straightforward, tranquil, and sound races. We guarantee you that we are attempting to do precisely that. We don’t have the ability to figure out who wins the races.

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It isn’t in our capacity or control to decide the result of the political race, and that force lies with the great individuals of the nation. “The residents alone can figure out who should lead them, not the EC. “The competitor is enabled to lead this nation by the residents, who will be proclaimed President of the Republic of Ghana by the Electoral Commission come, the seventh of December, 2020.” Mrs Mensa included