‘We Direly Need Electricity, Water’ – Kandema Occupants Tell Government


Residents of Kandema, a community in the Builsa North District of the Upper East Region are engaging for augmentation of electricity and development of boreholes in the region for medical care conveyance and homegrown purposes. The occupants ascribed the chronic weakness care conveyance in the region to absence of power, which forces wellbeing experts to remain at Sandema, the District capital and drive every day to the main Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) compound in the community to deliver administrations.
As per the occupants who activated to manufacture the main CHPS compound in the region with some help from the Member of Parliament for the region, wellbeing experts abandoned the office because of the significant distance they ordinarily set out to work.
“Any individual from the network who falls debilitated after the said time must be shipped by bike or tricycle, on a limited street which is dissolved by ongoing hefty downpours that caused flooding in certain networks in the Upper East and North East Regions.” an inhabitant said.
At the point when the Ghana News Agency (GNA) visited the network on Tuesday, it was seen that occupants of neighboring networks, for example, Debronsa and Akuri-Yeri battled to cross a messed up course that connected the community to the Balansa-Bagumsa and Sandema municipalities.
Tricycle riders who conveyed travelers from the networks needed to explore their way through the wrecked duct and parts of the dissolved street.

Madam Awonyeimi Anwandaaba, who was in one of the tricycles, told the GNA that “We the youngsters, particularly pregnant ladies and nursing moms in this network are languishing. There is no medical caretaker or birthing specialist to take care of us if any of us turns out to be in the process of giving birth around evening time.
“This light issue combined with our awful streets is a concern to us, I almost brought forth my kid in transit when I was in the process of giving birth and was being sent to Sandema in a tricycle, due to the terrible street. We are begging the specialists to go to our guide,” she said.
Mr Apoala Akanchalabey, an occupant, said “We don’t have consumable water to drink, now and then our youngsters breakdown on the homesteads out of parchedness. We have likewise lost creatures throughout the years to thirst, particularly during the dry season.
“Our property are our creatures, if a kid falls wiped out, that is the thing that we offer to settle hospital expenses and now they are likewise biting the dust in light of the fact that there is no dam for them to drink from. We are truly enduring in this community,” he included.
Mr Mark Anpanfiik Adaatusidi, the Assembly part for the territory, noticed that; “The light circumstance is influencing crafted by medical attendants, as they remain at Sandema and travel here. Typically around evening time, we battle in obscurity to ship the wiped out, generally pregnant ladies to Sandema for medical services.”
He said separated from the CHPS compound they assembled to fabricate, they additionally began a two-room loft for wellbeing staff, which had slowed down for absence of assets.