Waakye Food Delivery Joint – Reggie Rockstone


Due to the lockdown and restrictions made during the COVID 19 period, all forms of activities got halted. All these were put in place to see to it that the virus was kept under control.

Restaurants, chop bars, drinking spots and other venues people were found to gather was closed down.

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Reggie Rockstone and his wife Dr. Zilla had no option than to close down their night club due to the social distancing restrictions.

However, they came up with a new business which involved food delivery. They prepared “Waakye” Ghana’s local dish made of sorghum leaves, rice and beans. They made deliveries all around the place on this food.

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Reggie Rockstone narrated their success in the food delivery business to Mark Wilberforce on “BBC Focus to Africa”. He continued to explain how they prayed and meditated before getting the idea to start the business.

Their success has encouraged them to to start an online show