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Video Drops; Lady Beat Up Her Roommate To D3ath

A video circulating online has shown the moment where two roommates got into a fight over an issue we are yet to confirm but sadly, one of the roommates who appears to be more physically built and strong overpowered the other roommate as they both ensue in a fierce fight.

She beat her roommate till her roommate passed out.

The lady who happens to be the stronger one among the two beats up her roommate till the roommate passed out. All through the course of the fight, the roommate was heard screaming and soliciting for help but the other roommate wouldn’t listen to her pleading.

Even their friends that were also present in the room kept behind the lady to leave her roommate alone but all their pleading went to deaf ears. After some minute, the roommate couldn’t move again and she was seen lying helplessly on the ground. It was later confirmed by their friends present in the room that she had passed out in the course of the fight.


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