US Government React To #LekkiMassacre


The United States Government has at last responded to the EndSARS Protest and killing of numerous Nigerian youngsters on tuesday.

US of America’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo who talked unbelief of Donald Trump in a tweet additionally requested the indictment of those engaged with the shooting of unarmed dissidents at the Lekki cost court.

The United States firmly censures occurrences of military powers terminating on unarmed protestors in Lagos,” Mr. Pompeo said. “Those included ought to be considered responsible under the law. We stretch out our sympathies to the casualties of the viciousness and their families. #EndSARS”

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The remarks came as global bodies escalated tension on President Muhammadu Buhari to act rapidly to determine the savagery that as of late broke out the nation.

Official Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, previous President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, just as the EU, UK, Canada, are among the individuals who had before censured the assaults and asked harmony.

The full proclamation from the State Department read:

“The United States emphatically censures the utilization of inordinate power by military powers who terminated on unarmed demonstrators in Lagos, causing demise and injury.

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We invite a quick examination concerning any utilization of unreasonable power by individuals from the security powers. Those included ought to be considered answerable as per Nigerian law.

“The privilege to tranquil get together and opportunity of articulation are basic liberties and center vote based standards.

“We approach the security administrations to show most extreme restriction and regard key rights and for demonstrators to stay serene. We stretch out our sympathies to the survivors of the viciousness and their families