Another Sad Video Of How US-based Ghanaian Rapper Was Shot And Killed Surfaces Online (Watch)

A rapper’s life was broken by flying bullets when a couple of executioners started shooting at him and two different companions.

Joel Baba, known as Jay-Gunz, was fired and executed in the foyer of his own home by people police presume he knew.

The New York Police Department (NYPD), in critical need to get the culprits of the twofold manslaughter, have discharged CCTV film recovered in Jay-Gunz’s home.

In the video, three men were seen approaching their obligations on a corridor when one sees two ‘unwanted’ people walk rapidly past the steps; inciting him to run for his life.

His companions, detecting a threat, fled to a room that was bolted in spite of their endeavor to overcome.

The gunman, who quickly caught up with them, unloaded his bullets into the three black males who slumped to the floor as their attacker took to his heel.

According to reports by the NYPD, Jay-Gunz and one another were pronounced dead at a hospital shortly after, while the only survivor, who suffered a gunshot wound to his arm, is currently stable.

Watch the video below…

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