UN Makes Contact With Young Ghanaian, Jude Osei, Who Invented Solar-Powered Hand Washing Machine (video)


Ghanaian inventor who was captured in President Akufo-Addo’s recent speech with his solar-powered hand-washing machine, Jude Osei, has been recognized by the United Nations (UN).

Jude Osei who is a native of Kumasi converted a metallic drum that was simply fitted with a sink, sensors and cables that connect to the solar panel.

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The working mechanism is such that when a person places his or her hand under the tap, the sensor sends a signal and soap is released on the person’s hand.

The system allows 25 seconds for the person to wash the hands well before rinsing begins.

One amazing thing about the invention is that it allows water to flow automatically for washing hands. This will greatly help to minimize the spread of the pandemic coronavirus in the country.

Jude indicated that the solar-powered hand-washing machine can wash the hands of 150 people before it may need to be refilled.

President Akufo-Addo acknowledged Jude during his fifth nation address on Coronavirus stating that he was ‘impressed with the invention of a solar-powered hand-washing sink by Jude Osei.

Nana Addo

Jude Osei in a recent submission revealed that he has been contacted by a representative of the United Nations as well as some international press.