Twitter CEO, Unveils New Emoji To Support Nigeria’s #EndSARS


A Special #EndSARS Emoji has been delivered by Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, in the wake of underwriting the development against police ruthlessness and other unlawful wrongdoings in Nigeria.

Dorsey had pronounced his help for the

#EndSARS dissents and called for Bitcoin gifts towards the development two days prior.

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The previous evening, individuals everywhere on the world experienced issues while attempting to sign into their Twitter accounts.

Enormous quantities of clients couldn’t post tweets, access their timetables, or see warnings.

In the wake of fixing these issues, Jack Dorsey uncovered a unique #EndSARS emoticon, a clench hand with the shade of the Nigerian banner.

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Nigerians have overwhelmed his remark meeting to express gratitude toward him for his help and the unique #EndSARS emoticon he made for the development

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