Twene Jonas: Biography, Age, Hometown, Net worth, T-Shirts, Girlfriend; All You Must Know About Him

Twene Jonas has managed to become a common name on the lips of many Ghanaian social media users and even non Ghanaians.

Many have questioned who Twene Jonas is and why he has suddenly taken over social media space with his videos and gathered so much following.

He has become popular because of the timely updates from the United States which he brings to his followers in Ghana and around the world.

Twene Jonas Biography , Age, All You Must Know About Him
Twene Jonas Biography, Age, Net Worth, T-Shirts , Girlfriend All You Must Know About Him

He is also commonly known for using the phrase ’24/7 the system is working in his videos and in fact, this guy has come to win many hearts.

In this post,, puts together all you need to know about Twene Jonas – ‘the 24/7 the system is working and the heaven on earth and glass nkoaa’.

Twene Jonas Biography, Age, Hometown, Net Worth, Girlfriend, T-Shirts

The Ghanaian man currently living in the USA comes from the town Sunyani, the capital of Bono Region in Ghana.

Twene is believed to a young man who falls within the ages of late 20s to early 30s.

Jonas became very well known after series of videos of him trolling Ghana and the bad conditions in Ghana hit social media.

Twene Jonas Biography , Age, All You Must Know About Him

He is noted for attacking the state of affairs of Ghana while blasting the President and other people in leadership positions who sit unperturbed about Ghana’s state.

The videos which he shares from America, on his  Facebook, have really gained popularity as many are the people who gather to watch and share with others.

From his commentaries, Ghanaian leaders are corrupt and selfish people who do not have the country at heart. He attacks such leaders with unprintable words.

Twene Jonas Biography , Age, All You Must Know About Him

Twene Jonas in his videos, questions why a country like Ghana, blessed with all-natural resources, yet cannot develop.

Mr Jonas who lives precisely in New York city tags himself as being a professional movie production and CEO of Royal Jonas Films.

He is also an artist manager currently managing an American musician known as ‘SayDaDon’. Under the label, his artist has dropped the song ’24/7′ and others.

Watch the video below…

Jonas Girlfriend 

Currently, Twene is dating a white lady in the United States where they both live. Not much is known about the lady but she has been seen several times with Jonas displaying their love in videos.

Twene Jonas T-Shirts

Not long ago, Jonas released some T-shirts bearing inscriptions of his popular terms such ‘Glass nkoaa, 24/7 the system is working, Didi free’ etc.

Ghanaians got angry with him for selling each of the T-shirts to them at $30, a move they described as too expensive for them to afford.

Twene Jonas Net Worth

The net worth of the USA based Ghanaian is not yet known. However, per his brags, lifestyle and how he shows off expensive cars and other items, it is without a doubt that he is living a comfortable life.

That is if all he says and shows off are true. Remember, everyone can lie and look good on the internet. Lol 😆.

Below are some Twene Jonas videos

Twene Jonas old videos

Apparently, Twene Jonas started his videos even when he was in Ghana years ago before relocating to the United States.

The energy he used in blasting the leaders in his old videos were even more than what he does in his current videos.

Some Twene Jonas videos date back to the time young Ghanaian female singer Ebony Reigns died in an accident.

At the time, Twene was not popular and his videos did not trend like it is doing today.

See some of his old videos below

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