Twene Jonas’ Attack On Otumfuo, 2 TV Pundits Trade Blows On Live Show (Video)

A fight broke out between two pundits in a television studio during a discussion about Twene Jonas.

The fight happened between Kofi Boakye, the Asante guy who poured libation to the gods whiles using eggs to curse Twene Jonas for insulting Otumfuo and Junior Obofour.

Junior Obofour, though not a fan of Twene Jonas, sees Kofi Boakye and others cursing the USA Ghanaian vlogger as hypocrites because these same people were hailing him when he was insulting political leaders.

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According to Junior Obofour, Twene Jonas has been insulting from day one and people supported his insulting style so why are these same people angry just because he’s extended the insults to their favorite leaders.

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He then accused those invoking curses on Twene Jonas of not respecting Otumfuo because the king has banned curses on his land.

The banter between the two got heated to the extent that Kofi Boakye removed his shirt to fight Junior Obofour in the studios of Adepa Tv.

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