TV3 Date Rush: Ignatius Finally Speaks After Disgracing And Disrespecting The Ladies On TV

Ignatius of TV3 Date Rush has finally spoken on allegations made against him after disgracing the ladies on TV.

After the incident, there have been speculations on social media that Ignatius is married with two kids.

There have also been allegations that the young man is a womanizer who goes around just sleeping with ladies.

In fact, some even claim, he is just a fvck boy who sleeps with ladies and dumps them afterward.

One of the broken-hearted ladies he rejected, on the show, Portia Freelove has angrily blasted him in a video. WATCH IT HERE.

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Photos Of Freelove, The Beautiful Lady Ignatius Rejected
A photo of Freelove, one of the ladies he rejected

As the accusations keep coming, Ignatius has finally come out to speak on the ongoing issues.

He has made it clear that he is not married and has no kids as many have been made to believe.

He claims he is a single man and ready to mingle.

Ignatius responding to several allegations labeled against him by some alleged ex-girlfriends took to his Facebook timeline and wrote;

“If no be date rush like I no kwn say…I marry with two kids😂😂😂😂date rush have also made me kwn say I had more ex’s on social media Dan reality…be true to ur self n always be real…love goes where love is…have a blessed week…don’t try to be who u can’t be…

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A Good Samaritan did this photo for me…where ever u are bossu u are blessed..

Still keep ur comments n insult coming”.

See his post below

TV3 Date Rush: Ignatius Finally Speaks After Disgracing And Disrespecting The Ladies On TV

You can click HERE to see 10 never seen before stunning photos of Freelove, one of the ladies Ignatius rejected.

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