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TV3 Date Rush: Ignatius Biography; Marriage, Wife, Kids And What You Need To Know About Him


TV3 Date Rush Ignatius Biography, marriage, wife, and what you need to know about him have been captured in this post.

Real name Ignatius Baidoo but known across social media as Mick More Gh, is a young Ghanaian man who has suddenly become popular.

He is a Marketer and has a foundation known as Korliba Foundation, with a primary mandate of taking care of widows.

Ignatius of TV3 Date Rush is a Philanthropist, a CEO of an NGO, and a social influencer with quite a good following on social media.

TV3 Date Rush Ignatius Biography

His name became the talk of the town and trends on Twitter after he made an appearance on Date Rush, a show aired on TV3 Ghana.

Mr. Baidu enjoys cooking and is able to prepare all kinds of Ghanaian dishes.

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Clearly, the TV3 programme, Date Rush has made him a social media sensation overnight, currently the most talked about person on social media.


Ignatius on the last episode of TV3 Date Rush (season 3 episode 9) which aired 3rd May 2020 rejected all the 10 ladies on the program after they showed interest in him.

Date Rush is a program where there are 10 male and female contestants each. The program begins by allowing a male contestant to show up on stage and the 10 female participants will examine him and show their interest in him (turning their rush on)

When a male contestant get more than one, he is offered the opportunity to choose the female he wants to go on a date with.

TV3 Date Rush: Ignatius Biography; Marriage, Wife And What You Need To Know About Him

In previous episodes of the program, barely did a male contestant had more than four admirers (rush).

In the Date Rush edition yesterday, this unknown guy Ignatius managed to make history by getting 7 women to turn their rush on.

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These seven females included one known as Freelove who is notorious for not switching on her rush.

However, he did something no one suspected or imagined. He rejected all the seven females who showed interest in him including Freelove.

This has caused him to trend on social media. When asked why he turned down all the seven women especially Freelove, below is what he had to say.

“I felt Freelove was hallucinating. She felt this guy is the kind of man I want. But I don’t look just here, I look beyond.

And when it gets beyond, I don’t like tantrums and that kind of stress because I am already stresses. My foundation is already stressing me out.

I have a lot to do if she brings her stress up it going to be a blast… I can’t come and kill myself.”

TV3 Date Rush: Ignatius Finally Speaks After Digracing The Ladies On TV

Is Ignatius of TV3 Date Rush married with kids?

Checks done by A2zgh.com indicate that Ignatius is neither married nor have kids as being circulated on social media.

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A lot of people accused him after the show that he was married with kids but he vehemently denied those allegations.

To Ignatius, the girls chose him not because of love but because of superficial things like his handsomeness and others.

He has come out to clearly debunk rumours against him that he is a married man with kids. READ THAT HERE.

That is how the young man known as Ignatius became a celebrity or social media sensation overnight.

Portia Freelove, one of the ladies who was rejected has angrily descended on Ignatius. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

For now, we are waiting patiently to see how long it last his popularity last.

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