Trosky Fights Looms As Transport Fares Are To Be Reduced By 10%

Trosky Fights Looms As Transport Fares Are To Be Reduced By 10% effective Saturday, August 1, 2020.

This leaves only 5% of the 15% increment, which will take effect from August 1. The decision was made after a meeting between transport operators and the Ministry of Transport.


On July 7, 2020, the government approved a 15% hike in transport fares to cushion transport operators against the impact of the social distancing directive on their businesses.

However, the easing of covid-19 restrictions on the transport sector ignited calls for a reduction in the fares.

With this new transport fare reduction, some drivers and their conductors (mate) may decide to maintain the current fare. Meanwhile, some passengers being strap for cash, and not happy to be cheated would definitely not take kindly to being cheated.

This will definitely cause a series of quarrels between passengers and trosky drivers and conductors (mates) over the new transport fares set to take effect on 1st August 2020.

Vice-chairman of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union Robert Sarbah said the earlier 15% increment is no longer applicable.

In view of the fact that the social distancing is no longer applicable in the commercial vehicles especially taxis, trotro and the buses, after the end of the meeting with other transport operators, which included State Transport, Metro Mass, VIP, Cooperative, Protoa, and others, it became possible that the transport fares should be reduced. Instead of the 10% that was given to operators on July 11, it is now 5%, which will take effect from August 1.



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