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Tracey Boakye Mocked Again Over Her Expensive Shoe


Everyone’s favourite village girl Tracey Boakye is still out there giving the trolls all the material needed to mock her.

Fans and critics have been shouting for years about Tracey Boakye’s 1970s fashion style yet nothing seems to move her.

Every day, she goes out there looking trashy and the trolls respond by calling her out.

Tracey appears to have embraced her nickname of ‘Borla Bird’ (BB) rather than running away from it.

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At a recent event she appeared at, Tracey’s dressing was once again an eyesore – yet that was small when compared to the insult that were her shoes.

Tracey was in a pencil heel/block heel hybrid that has been described as ‘mbrewa fuo heel’ (old lady heels).

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She was spotted on-stage at her program dancing in her old lady heels, leaving fans and critics more confused than ever.

Commenting on her gross shoes, one fan ironically asked how a billionaire can wear such shoes!

Another added: “Shoe mu King Kong,”

One other netizen decided to lay all the blame at the feet of Afia Schwarzenegger.

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“I blame Afia, she dresses better so should coach her,” they said.

I’m now becoming convinced that Tracey purposefully dresses horribly just to get people talking about her.

No one’s fashion sense can be that dead!

Watch the video below;

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