Tracey Boakye Descends On Her Critics In Latest Post

Tracey Boakye has descended on her critics in her latest post.

Tracey Boakye @tracey boakye • Instagram photos and videos and 22 more pages Personal Microsoft​ Edge 8 6 2020 10 17 22 AM

Tracey Boakye has come under serious criticisms in recent times and as things are being settled, she has sent some words to the doorstep of her critics.


Making her post, she wrote;

“he so called Friends who are soo happy 😃 now, HOW FAR? 😂😂😂 HOPE THIS HAS BROUGHT SOME HUGE CASH IN TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT? Push hard oooo, for yourself, COS YOU CANT BRING ME DOWN 😜. I still remain #hisonlychick😍 #eastlagonlandlady #kwakuandakuamaame REMEMBER: WHAT I HAVE CAN NEVER BE TAKEN AWAY FROM ME, and CAN NEVER BE YOURS 😜. So stop wasting your time on me 😏😏😏. My fans and followers, I LOVE YOU 💕❤️😘 ….”


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