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Top Prophets Who Gave Fake Prophecies About 2020 Elections In Ghana


Some prophets made certain claims about the elections. Some foretold those who were going to win the elections. Some, including Rev. Isaac Owusu Bempah, Prophet Tawiah, and others, predicted that God told them Akuf-Addo was going to be with winner of the election.

Then we have three other prophets – Badu Kobe, Nigel Gaisie, and Cosmos Affran Walker, who were on the side of John Mahama, the presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), as the winner

www.fillabase.com brings you details of what the prophets said regarding the winner of the 2020 Elections.

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1. Nigel Gaisie

Nigel Gaisie

Gaisie has been preaching since 2018 that Mahama would win the election hands down with a one-touch victory. He said this victory is going to make President Akufo-Addo receive the shock of his life. He claimed that Mahama was going to win with about 52% of the total vote cast. However, this has proven untrue.

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2. Prophet Badu Kobe: Kobe had also claimed that Mahama was going to win the elections with 54%. He said God showed him in a vision that this is what was going to happen. He accused President Akufo-Addo of mismanaging Ghana for which reason God would remove him from the presidency and give the throne to Mahama.

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3.Cosmos Affran Walker


Affran Walke also said Mahama was declared the winner of the elections by God, as shown him in a vision. He also said he had commanded heavily bodies to all vote for Mahama to ensure that he obtained a one-touch victory. Something that has never happened.

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4. Eagle Prophet


Also known as Reindolf Gyabi, Eagle Prophet has taken a neutral stance claiming that the 2020 elections will not happen. According to him, on election day, there will be a thick, and dark cloud that will result in heavy rainfall. He explained in that earlier report by YEN.com.gh that the rain will be so heavy that it will be very impossible for people to go out to vote. However, this proved false as the EC revealed that it recorded the highest voter turnout of 79% this year.

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