The Gov’t Must Give Us Jobs And Not In Exchange For Our Freedom To Expression – A Plus


Kwame Asare Obeng, popularly known as A Plus, was a former highlife artiste. However he diverted his career into politics as time went on.

“When you have a job by government, you don’t have a voice”. A Plus said this following the termination of his contract.

“I was given a job by the government. Things were not going on right, so I decided to speak up. This resulted in the government taking his job away from me. I have to be extra angry”. A Plus accounted this on an interview with Ola Michael on Neat FM.

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The musician is known for the support he gave the New Patriotic Party during the 2016 general elections, in December 17. However his contract to supply fuel to other parts of the country has been terminated by the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation.

This he attributed to criticizing the government when things were going bad. “Anyone who dares to speak against the government will have their businesses collapsed, as it happened in my case”. He said.

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Other people are also asserting that, the reason behind A Plus’ constant attack on the president is because he got left out in benefitting from the party, when they came into power.

A Plus reacted to this claim by condemning all who said that to be lunatic.

“The government must give us jobs and not in exchange for our rights to freedom of expression”. He added.