The Alarming Situation Of Poor sanitation In Greater Accra Region.


The Greater Accra Region is known for its poor sanitation conditions. Mismanagement of solid waste contributes to this situation in the Region.

Majority of solid waste are dumped into open area, streams and even the sea. This results in flooding during heavy rainfalls since the solid waste gets chocked in gutters and paths of streams. Mr. Ishmeal Ashitey, the Greater Accra Regional Minister explains.

Resident’s poor attitude towards sanitation has made the problem more challenging, he continued.

Inadequate disposal sites for both liquid and solid waste, poor sanitation infrastructure, non-enforcement of sanitation by-laws by assemblies, all contributes to the poor sanitation conditions.

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Poor sanitation which leads to a subsequent contaminated drinking water imposes many health hazards on persons which include; Cholera, dysentery, hepatitis A, and typhoid.

Solid waste management remains a challenge in residents living with high density and low income.

However, another challenging issue of poor sanitation is the activities of the “Borla taxi drivers”. They will collect refuse from homes and dump them on motorways and within the community when no one is watching them. This destruct all efforts being put in place to keep the city clean.

Thereby, the assembly must register and monitor the activities of the “Borla taxis” to put an end to all these negative acts.

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A waste recycling plant will be released by the Zoomlion in the Region to ease pressure on existing facilities. Also there is a tremendous increase of access to water supply in rural communities and small towns.

This is to improve on water-related sanitation and hygiene.

Let us intensify our efforts in dealing with unsanitary conditions to improve upon the health conditions of our people. Mr. Ashitey said all these while delivering a speech on the current state of Greater Accra Region at the first Regional Co-ordinating Council meeting.