Teephlow Murder3d Strongman On A New Song

Teephlow Murder3d Strongman On A New Song

A new song from Teephlow titled, Wonteasi had strongman on it and the rapper has proven to the world that indeed he is the best rapper in Ghana.

We all know Teephlow and Strongman are rivals in terms of rap music, So the fans of both of them were expecting massive flow from them on a song and Teephlow has proven he is the best.

Before we listen to the song, You need to understand some terms to benefit you.

A punchline by definition is the culmination of a joke or story, providing the humor or climax.

However in the context of music, it’s when a musician laces his or her music with thought-provoking and witty lyrics that leaves a lasting impression on the listener. And rapper Teephlow has it all.

Listen/Download The Song Here