Full Story On JJ Rawlings Mysterious First Daughter Abigail

Some Ghanaians are in a state of frenzy following the revelation by a woman identified as Abigail Rawlings who also claims to be the biological and first daughter of the former Head of State.

Questions that have been raised include how come people never knew of her until now that she is 52 years old.

Others are also of the opinion that she might probably be one of the people who want fame and wants to ride on the back of the late JJ Rawlings to become famous.

Well, check by a source has revealed that the claims made by Abigail during her interview are true since she is known to some people in the Volta Region precisely Rawlings’ hometown Dzelukope.

According to them, Abigail came into the picture in 2002 after she questioned her mother about her father and his whereabouts.

It is said that JJ Rawlings in his Rawlings final year secondary school in 1967, aged 20, met and impregnated Rose Agbodzi Sende, an Ewe in Accra but originally from Togo.

He later begged her to keep the pregnancy and the baby(Abigail) secret since he didn’t want to jeopardize his future.

It is said that Abigail was born to a single mother, the same year JJ was settling down as an Airforce Cadet.

Abigail was later handed over to an old woman in Adabraka when another man approached her mother (Rose Agbodzi Sende) and wanted to marry her.

An eyewitness who was her mate in Primary school and corroborated her story.

“I know this beautiful lady back in the days, she attended St Joseph Primary School at Adabraka. The rumors were rife then that Rawlings was her father.”

This will not be surprising because, by the time Abigail would have turned 12, her “father’s” face and name were known nationwide, especially in the Adabraka areas where she lived with an old woman caretaker.

A member of the Rawlings’ family who spoke on strict condition of anonymity said prior to her appearance, they had heard from some travelers from Togo saying there was a lady at Lome claiming Rawlings was her father, hence meeting her was bound to happen somehow.

According to sources, when Rawlings was informed of her sudden appearance and claim, he neither denied nor confirmed it. However at various times, he enquired about her and on a number of occasions since 2002, he acknowledged her by sending her money for upkeep and to start a business.

The Rawlings family applauded the lady for being able to keep this secret for long adding that they believe she spoke out based on the fact that she is not being allowed to mourn her father very well.

The anonymous family members confirmed that Abigail has been participating in most Agbotui family events ever since she came into the picture in 2002.

As it stands now, the question remains if Nana Konadu and his other children are aware of his secret daughter.

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