Stop Posting Unnecessary Things On Social Media– Adebayor Cautions Funny Face

Adebayor has asked Ghanaian comedian Funny Face to desist from posting unnecessary things on social media and focus on the future.

Togolese footballer Emmanuel Adebayor and comedian Funny Face have kept a very enviable friendship that has traveled for years.

The well-known footballer has even gifted the comedian a Range Rover and a Porsche at different intervals.

Funny Face has been on a ‘bum-bum spree’ posting on social media for the past weeks. At least, three of his recent posts include one directed at his endless love for a huge backside.

He recently confessed in an Instagram post that his love for big backside didn’t help him to make the right choices.

Reacting to this, Adebayor told Funny Face on one of his posts regarding bums that he should focus on the future and avoid posting unnecessary things on social media.

“Bro, people love you and care about you. Please stop posting unnecessary things and let’s focus on the future,” Adebayor said.

Responding to the advice from his friend, he apologized and promised to focus.

“Word from da commander in chief of the FUNNY FACE EMPIRE 🤴🧨🤣 @e_adebayor .. points well-noted bro 🙏❤️🤣 pls from today nobody should call me #BOTOSNINJA again .. it was da cause of my downfall 😂💣 KASOA VANDAMME “ EI GO OVER YOU,” He wrote.

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