Socrate Safo Bitterly Weeps that He Sleeps On Empty Stomach Every Night After Defending NPP On Radio – Video

Veteran movie producer and director of the Creative Arts Council, Socrate Safo, has shockingly come out to cry about being on an empty stomach despite defending NPP staunchly for 4 years.

According to Socrate, there are many times when he has been broke despite all his work defending the work of the NPP in the creative arts sector.

He complained on Okay Fm that his complaints are not being listened to, his needs are not being met and thus he has been left with no choice but to complain so bitterly.

Safo, who was emotional during his rant, said all his work had not been appreciated.

It was an interesting honest reveal from a man who only a few weeks ago fought John Dumelo on UTV about how the NPP had been so great for the creative arts sector.

If they have been so great for the creative arts sector then how come one of their own is crying so badly about being neglected?

If ‘almighty’ Socrate Safo has been neglected then who the hell in the creative sector can say they’re being taken care of?

Socrate has been defending the NPP for so long but with one rant he’s exposed that most of what he’s been saying is b*llsh*t.