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Sleeping With A Lady In Her Menses Is Perfect & God Approves It – Counsellor Lutterodt

Relationship Counsellor Lutterodt has placed that Jesus has consummated everything, so there isn’t anything amiss with a man laying down with a lady in her menses.

In a discussion on whether a man can wash her lady’s panties, counselor George lutterodt as far as he knows said that there is nothing wrong with that by host Okyeame Quofi of Accra-based Angel FM disputed that.

According to Okyeame Quofi, he wouldn’t do that sake of the monthly cycle on the lady’s side.

However, in response, Lutterodt dissented, saying, “In the event that you can utilize your hand to eliminate a lady’s underwear during sex, what occurs in the event that you wash similar jeans?”

Talking regarding the matter of feminine cycle, Lutterodt said that there isn’t anything amiss with a man laying down with a lady during his period on the grounds that there are even medical advantages that accompany it.

Okyeame Quofi indeed differs saying that Biblically, he isn’t right. Indeed, Lutterodt reacted that those laws in the Bible are not any more compelling in light of the fact that we are living in the time of Grace.

Watch the interview below…

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