Sister Derby Reacts After Fella Makafui And Medikal Share Photos And Videos Of Baby Bump

Fella Makafui and Medikal probably gave lots of Ghanaian ladies broken heart and sleepless nights as pictures and videos of Fella’s baby bump were released.

Sister Derby, Medikal ‘s sweet husband, is one person everyone has longed to hear from. People will forward the photos and videos to her DM for such trending news while others will surely tag her for reaction.

Well, she has reacted on Twitter, posting a photo of her in a bikini with the caption I’m 65 not 40. Most people were expecting such a reaction from Derby towards Fella Makafui and Medikal.

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Fella Makafui

We’re not sure why this particular tweet but then it probably is in reference to her rival’s baby bump photos trending online as one of her fans posted something in regards to that.

She’ll probably make other posts when the trolls are getting out of hand. For now, enjoy her first reaction, LOL.

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