Shatta Wale & His Nima Gang Beat Up Road Constructor Who Refused Them Passage [Video]

A video has seen shows Shatta Wale and his Nima gang beating up a road constructor for blocking his access to the road.

According to reports, Wale, just like many commuters were blocked from using a designated road in the Nima vicinity due to construction.

Well, when Wale and his entourage got there, they were displeased with the fact that the road had been blocked. He did not accept the fact that the road has been blocked to deny him access.

Shatta Wale reportedly beckoned some Nima boys around who run to the construction site and ordered the workers to clear their working equipment from the road.

His move was to allow him and the boys to use the road which is not yet opened to the general public for use.

Check Out the series of videos below: Swipe to the right to watch all the videos…

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