Shatta Wale Cries Out As He Gears Up To Release His New Song, ‘Jailman’

Shatta Wale has given a blow-by-blow account of what he experienced in his few days’ stay at Ankaful Prison.

The musician has scripted his entire encounter behind bars, from the prisoners he met in his ward to the food they ate to the poor living conditions in the prison.

Shatta Wale put every detail in a song yet to be released titled, ‘Jailman’. Knowing very well Ghanaians would love to listen to his story and media houses would want to interview him, Shatta decided to record a song instead.

The song will get massive streams because his fans want to know what happened, and media houses will play it because they want news. All this will bring in more money, Shatta is very smart. The president of Shatta Movement was spotted in a video singing the song he recently composed following his release from 7-day prison custody at the Ankaful Prison in Cape Coast.

Shatta mentioned names of friends he made in prison and shed light on the plight of some prisoners in an Instagram video he shared. According to the self-acclaimed dancehall king, some prisoners had been on remand for 5 years awaiting trial, while some were serving from 25 years to life.

Take a listen to Shatta in the video below;