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Shatta Wale And Burna Boy’s Feud Takes A Turn For The Worse


The periodic kerfuffle between entertainment industry colleagues has begun quite earlier than expected in 2022. Afia Schwarzenegger and Aisha Modi’s hot exchanges last is nothing to be compared with Shatta Wale and Burna Boy‘s social media altercation.

All thanks to the most troublesome African celebrity of the decade, Burna Boy has finally lost his cool.

Of course it’s no other than Shatta Wale. If you think of chaos, you will not think of any other name.

After making all the noise about how Nigerians do not reciprocate the support Ghana gives their artists, the chaos Shatta Wale brought has seemed to catch fire.

Burna Boy replied him and he chose to be mild. That was mild compared to the heat he brought this evening.

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He seems to have had enough of Shatta and there definitely is no smoke without fire because you can tell this beef didn’t just start.

The whole support Gh artists movement by Shatta was to camouflage his real underground beef with Burna Boy.

Burna took to his Instagram as you can tell he has had enough and scribbled some words to Shatta Wale.

He went direct to mention his name and told him he doesn’t have time.

This isn’t 8mile and he is not looking for a lyrical battle but a real boxing fight.

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shatta and bgurna

shatta and bur

shatta wale and burna

shatta wale burna

Shatta Wale misinterpreted what Burna Boy meant by battle and thought he was referring to music so he made a tweet saying they can do it at the Accra sports stadium.


shatta x burna2

shatta x burna


Burna boy called him a joker and asked which rubbish songs he is trying to sing.

He reinstated that he is talking about a fist fight and Shatta can organize it anywhere. Whether in private or in public for the whole world to see because he has been trying to set it up since January of last year.

This is why many assume that this beef has been cooking for a long while now.

He told Shatta that he can easily make his life a living hell outside Ghana and that he has more money than any of his godfathers combined.

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Shatta Wale will finally get a taste of his own medicine as he is notorious for calling other people broke at the slightest provocation.

Burna means business with this fist fight because he says he wants to see his teeth and blood on his fist and on the floor.

What was Shatta Wale’s response to the fist fight? He went on an expose rant on how Burna borrowed a Richard Mille watch and how Burna was surprised when he showed him his houses.



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