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SEE Why These Two JHS Student Are Trending -VIDEO


It is said that, train up a child the way he should go and he is old he should not depart from it. This is not the case of JSH and SHS students in Ghana.

In the video, the two JHS students, one male and female, were seen practicing couple goals thing and the internet users can not stop bashing them hard.

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The JHS girl can be seen twisting her [email protected] like a [email protected], while the boy was r0cking his boat behind.

The JHS boy can be seen t0uching every [email protected] of the girl’s b0dy, from the chest to her [email protected]

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Couple goals are designed for married couples and not JHS students.

We are very sorry, we couldn’t upload the video here due to its sensitivity, our platform does not allow such videos.

Watch the video, CLICK HERE.



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