Security Of The Internet


The Ghana Internet Service Providers Association (GISPA), organized a conference on October 22, at the Kofi Annan Center of Excellence In ICT, in Accra.

The meeting was based on the theme “Governance of Ghana’s Cyber Space; Our Security and Privacy”.

Richard Densu, the President for GISPA, said that the conference will help them share ideas on how the security implications of their services can help increase the benefit of the use of the internet.

“The advancement in internet technology has helped in many ways.” He stated.

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Professor Nii Narku, Professor of Computer Science and Chairman of the Board of Dot Com, advised that the type of governance needed for the internet was the bottom-up multi-stakeholder approach to governance.

He explained that his reason for choosing such a style of governance approach is because it has benefitted many organizations he founded which include Afrinic and the others. “My interest is in what a community must do to have a functioning bottom-up decision process”, he explained.

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The bottom-up decision is about a community addressing issues and making rules and standard in a bottom-up way.

The bottom-up process emerged from network of networks and internetworks. He explained.

Some internet hackers spend all their time trying to penetrate internet spaces of banks and other countries. You should not just be clicking on anything. We are preparing and monitoring for any cyber hit. Michael Owusu, an official from Data Protection Commission advised.