Here Is The Secret To Having A Sweet And Irresistible Vag¡na

Well-known Nigerian actress Damilola Adegbite has taken to Instagram to impart to women the main tip to remain fresh and tasty as far as their hon£ypot is a concern.

The entertainer posted a photograph of herself grasping a watermelon, making an impression on her fans and women that watermelon is one of the natural products one needs to eat to keep their honeypot clean and taste great.

According to her, people have said what a woman eats has an influence on what is in between her thighs and so she wants to know the impact eating watermelon would have on her because she loves them.

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What a woman eats can have an impact on how her coochie tastes or smells. Myth or Fact she wrote ..?”

In another post she wrote : “So unfortunately, there haven’t been any scientific studies that prove that what a woman eats influences the smell and taste down there. However, many women and men claim that it makes a difference and to some extent… I agree! So eat wholesome tasty foods just incase 😇 By the way, I loooooove watermelon 🍉

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