Season 3 Date Rush Contestants Get Featured In New Tv Series Which Premiers This Month

Date Rush is a reality show which has gotten the most attention of Ghanaians in 2020.

This is a show where young adults come together to look for love and life partners.

Its fun, emotional and a mixture of feelings at the same time.

Date rush which is shown on TV3 got to its peak during the lock-down period and Ghanaians cannot wait for the next season.

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The season featured interesting people Darkua, Emefa, Maame, Freelove, Ignatius, William, Ezekiel and many more.

The show gave them that exposure they needed and the good news is that their spotlight did not end there.

Most of them have diverted to the acting career as they were fortunate to be featured in a new Ghana series called ‘DADABEES’

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This new series about to hit the screens would be exciting and Ghanaians can’t wait

Dadabees will start showing on joyprimetv on 14th November,2020.

Don’t miss this tv series if you’ll like to see Emefa, Darkua, Oye and the rest on your screens again.

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