Sanitation Ministry Sets Out On Gigantic Clearing Of Dumpsites Across Ghana


The Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources (MSWR) has started a huge exercise to empty and closure illicit dumpsites littered the nation over.

The activity, which is being reproduced all through the nation, shapes some portion of the administration’s plan to make Ghana the cleanest nation in Africa, and furthermore improve sterilization conditions at the spots where the dumpsites were found. It launched on Monday (October 19, 2020) at two dumpsites situated inside the Accra city.

The dumpsites were situated at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and Mudor Electoral Area. Addressing writers uninvolved of the activity, the Assembly part for Korle Bu Electoral Area, Mr Richard Tagoe, revealed that for more than five years, inhabitants around in Korle Bu have been unloading waste wrongfully at the Korle Bu dumpsite [otherwise known as the ‘borla house’].

He portrayed the training as extremely stressing, focusing on that it could prompt the flare-up of sicknesses inside the get together. As per him, after the dumpsite is cleared and closure, the get together will give squander compartments at the site to pass on squanders to the depots. He, in any case, included that the gathering will similarly guarantee the standard lifting of the waste compartments to maintain a strategic distance from overflows.

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In the perspective on Mr Tagoe, the absence of waste compartments was a main consideration adding to the ceaseless unloading of reject at the site with its wellbeing suggestions.
“I will likewise liaise with the police with the point of halting further unloading of deny at this site. Furthermore, more critically, I will make sure that hard-headed occupants who keep on unloading garbage at this site after the activity are captured and made to confront the full afflictions of the law,” he guaranteed.

At the dumpsite in the Mudor Electoral Area, farm trucks were spotted clearing the stored smelling reject from the site. There were likewise dump trucks at the site getting heaps of waste to pass on to the closest depot.

The Assembly part for Mudor Electoral Area, Mr Francis Asare, was brimming with acclaim for the service of sanitation and water assets.
“The Mudor dumpsite has truly become an aggravation to the get together and we are appreciative that the administration through the service of sanitation and water assets has at long last gone to our guide,” he said.
He gave the affirmation that after the fulfillment of the activity, his office will make sure that individuals don’t utilize the site as an unloading ground.
Against this setting, he engaged the legislature to assist them with fixing lights at the site.

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He noticed that this will keep individuals from utilizing the front of obscurity at the site to dump reject. As far as it matters for him, the Ashiedu Keteke Sub-Metro Chairman, Mr Seth Raymond Tettey, beseeched the inhabitants to patronise the administrations of waste administration suppliers in the administration of their waste.

This, he stated, would mean the occupants pay some limited quantity of cash to the specialist organizations to empower them deal with their waste. He said this will help make “Accra a superior spot for us all to live in.”
“I likewise need to interest the specialist co-ops to lift the waste consistently,” he encouraged.
Furthermore, in keeping individuals from as yet unloading waste at these unloading destinations after they have been closed, Mr Tettey approached the congregations to work together with the law authorities in such manner. The activity is required to proceed with today in different regions inside the Greater Accra Region.