Sandra Ankobiah And Hajia Bintu Challenge Video Is Trending -Watch

Sandra Ankobia And Hajia Bintu Challenge Video

It seems there is a challenge between Sandra Ankobiah and Hajia Bintu looking at trending videos on social media.

Our female celebrities have stormed social media with a new trend, flaunting and shaking their huge backs.

Those celebrities have taken delight in showing off their bodies that ought to be kept in secrecy for their future husbands.

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Well, in a new video sighted, Lawyer turned to slay queen, Sandra Ankobiah has challenged the reigning youngest Ghanaian with big booty, Hajia Bintu to an a$$ display on social media.

In the footage, the heavily endowed lawyer and socialite gave a full view of her backside to the camera for fans to ‘enjoy’.

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This appears to be the new trend as we keep seeing more of our celebrities doing it on Instagram and Tik Tok.

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