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Sammy Gyamfi Warns Mahama Over 2024 Elections

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Sammy Gyamfi is bound to make headlines again with his recent statement about members of the NDC’s caucus in Parliament who he claims are in bed with the NPP, Ghpage.com reports.

The Communications Director of the NDC has opined that these MPs have been over-pampered and should sit up or risk being ousted prior to the 2024 elections.

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”They should not forget that the party can go into 2024 without them if they don’t sit up,” he said.

The outspoken politician added that in spite of John Mahama’s endless efforts at ensuring that the party stays in people’s minds, some selfish members of the party would rather prioritize their interests over the general good.

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”…Some of these NDC members of parliament have been pampered for too long. They shouldn’t forget that the grassroots gave them the power to be where they are. We can go into 2024 with John Mahama without them. The NPP went into elections sacking its own chairman but still won the elections. It’s time we call a spade a spade,” he told Kevin Taylor in a virtual interview.

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Earlier, Sammy Gyamfi had slammed the leadership of the NDC caucus in Parliament for their approval of some nominees for ministerial positions.

In a long post on Facebook, the Communications Director of the NDC described the approval as a betrayal to the party.

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