Sad News Hit Afari Gyan; Ghanaians React

Afari Gyan

The former electoral commission chairperson, Afari Gyan was the electoral commissioner whose election results became the first in Ghana’s history to end at the Supreme Court.

After a disagreement on the side of the NPP in the 2012 election as they claimed the election was rigged, Afari Gyan landed in court and had to defend his results, reports.

A few months ago, Afari Gyan was allegedly battling a minor illness and after regular visits to the hospital for health care, he was fine as the media claimed. The actual cause of his illness or what it was actually about was unknown to the general public as it was kept discrete from the public eye or ear. It is normal that as one ages, his immune system weakens and deprives him of the necessary strength to fight foreign bodies or disease and hence will encounter such health challenges.

Afari Gyan from reports today which were aired on several radio and social media platforms suggests that he is not well and has been taken to the hospital some hours ago. From reports, he is in no critical condition but a minor condition which would probably be taken care of possibly in the next few days.

It is sad seeing him battle this unknown minor illness as they claim but with fingers crossed and persisting faith, we hope he regains his strength in order to carry on with his normal or daily routine. Especially in this time of covid, it is important that everyone watches his or her health very well in order to stay out of reach of any form of disease.