See What A Rev Priest Was Caught Doing With A Nun [Viral Video]

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Clearly, the manner in which some so-called Rev Priest engage in some activities, that do not bring Glory unto the name of GOD, has become a thing of concern. 

All the things that we’re witnessing today, that were never in existence during the time of our forefathers, who founded Christianity and brought CHRIST to us, is signs of the End time, just the way the Bible said in the book of Revelation. Now some priest are already caught having great marital life with Nuns. Just as the photos that is disclosed in this article.

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It is a known fact that one of the laws guiding Roman Catholic is that, the Rev Father and the nun can never marry to anyone, let alone sleep with each other. They are to remain single and faithful to GOD, all the days of their lives.

However, some men of GOD of different Denominations, do get married to their life partners, but they cannot cheat in their partner for any reason, else they have broke the Laws of the Bible.

There is trending photos of where Rev Priest was Caught in the Act with a Nun. I am personally of the opinion that they should have removed their respective clothes, before they continued with what they were doing.

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It was gathered that a Priest setup a CCTV Camera, inside the office of his fellow Priest after many attempts of unsuccessful trying many tricks to catch the promiscuous priest in the Capetown Parish, because he had Easily suspected that they had something going on between them.

Meanwhile, the 3 minutes video is yet to be Published, because the Authorities have not given any permission Concerning the matter.

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