Results For The 2020 Year WASSCE Examinations Are In.


The West African Examination Council has announced the release of the 2020 WASSCE results.

This year’s examination was a little challenging due to the corona virus outbreak. The original date for the 2020 year examination to commence was postponed due to the COVID 19. Schools were closed, and students were told to stay home.

Teachers complained of not completing their syllabus before the examinations started.

Senior High School students really got affected by this. They made several complaints of having difficulties in writing some of the examination papers.

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The government had no option than to have the examinations started since the COVID 19 had already slowed down most of the activities.

Social distancing rules were observed at all the examination centers. Soaps, wash hand basins and tissues were provided in all the examination centers. Students were also given personal hand sanitizers. All these measures were to help prevent the spread of the virus amongst the students.

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About 64% of students who participated in this year’s WASSCE examination performed well. However, most of them also failed in the core subjects.

Provisions have been made for students to be able to check their results on their phones without necessarily going to the cafe. However, majority of the students have not checked their results, for fear of not passing. School is expected to begin in the year 2021 for the students who just completed.