Greater Accra Regional Minister Sends A Strong Warning To Abossey Okai, Kokompe Spare Parts Dealers

Spare parts dealers at Abossey Okai and Kokompe in Accra are up in arms against the Greater Accra Regional Minister over the minister’s decision to embark on a demolition exercise to decongest the Abossey Okai area.

The regional Minister had indicated the government planned to relocate the spare dealers and other illegal squatters to Afienya as part of efforts to decongest “crowded” Abossey Okai and Kokompe.

But the traders are threatening a showdown with the government as the relocation could disrupt their lives.

A trader, Kwame Donkor said the lands did not belong to the government and hence had no right to clear it in a decongestion exercise.

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He says the traders have paid for long leases on the lands as landlords and or tenants for which reason a relocation would lead to chaos.

“First of all this area is not government land, we’ve had an agreement with the landowners who have leased out the land for 50 years and the owners have received compensation. I’ve also built and rented out the shop until the lease expires so what do they expect us to do after they move us out of here.” He said.

Another added: “I’ve rented this store for 20 years and I pay over GHC30,000 every five years, so if I’ve rented the store for 20 years does it mean the Minister will pay for the lease and give me another store. This is what I want to know.”

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Regional Minister however warned the traders to take his caution seriously and prepare for the relocation ahead of time before bulldozers move to the site.


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